Forex trading is the trading of currencies of different countries. Forex is short for Foreign Exchange (currency Pertukarang). An example of forex trading is the buying of the Euro (European currency), while simultaneously selling USD (currency), it can be abbreviated as EUR/USD.

In forex trading are frequent cutting which caused huge losses to traders. This thing they call as a failure. Why? Here is a question that is often leveled by them, especially that first plunge into the world of forex. Don't give up just because of all the traders ever be in a position known as a beginner.

Error in trading does not mean failure, because failure is valuable experience in the world of trading. In the absence of an error we will never understand about trading, therefore need to learn the fundamentals of basic forex.

Why did I fail in trading? Common mistakes traders who often performed is the emotion. Because it is not able to control emotions, many of us are stuck to perform the order.

Control your emotions in trading is very necessary, don't be too hasty in taking decisions for some positions (sell/buy). Better to take the position 2-3 (order) but fortunately consistently. You can achieve this by creating a proper trading plan accordingly as you want.

Emotion is one of the reasons you failed in your trading. These are the points to watch out for, because you can lose more money if you can't control your emotions. Discipline is key in trading.

Why Did I Fail In Forex Trading?

So, the conclusion is crucial emotions in trading. The article is about Why Did I Fail In Forex Trading?, it may be useful.